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            RFID tag manufacturers
            CN EN
             info@oppiot.com , oppiotrfid@gmail.com  WhatsApp: +86 180 3034 2267
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              Devil High Temp RFID Tag
              Printable RFID Labels
              Ceramic RFID Tags
              PCB UHF Metal Tag
              LED RFID Tag
              Manhole Cover Tag
              Concrete Embedded RFID Tags
              180°C High Temp RFID Tags
              Long Range On-metal RFID Tag
              10 Years On-metal RFID Tags
              UHF Flexible RFID Label
              High Temperature On-Metal Tag
              Resistant Acid and Alkali RFID Tag
              High Temperature RFID Inlay
              RFID Screw Tag
              RFID Nail Tag
              UHF RFID Readers

              Download datasheet
            Devil Series - High Temperature Resistant On-metal Tags
            Devil series is developed by OPP IOT for special industries applications which can withstand high temperature and acid & alkali simultaneously. Applying 304 stainless steel as the outer casing, they can resist collision and vibration. This series can be used in a variety of extremely harsh environments.
            Devil M18 Devil5600 Devil D30
            Devil3000 Devil6000 Devil8000

            Printable RFID On-metal RFID Labels
            OPP IOT has launched a series of printable RFID tags,Our RFID UHF Printable labels are flexible and can be stuck on metallic assets easily, especially for irregular and uneven surface,such as steel boiler, metal container,steel pipe,etc .It has very good performance on metal and is printable with logo,numbers,text by RFID printers.Our selection of Printable RFID Tags are sure to deliver the solution you need for your RFID application.
            FLE6024 | FLE6025 | FLE4508 | FLE4518 | FLE6006 | FLE7018 | FLE9842    

            Ceramic RFID Tags
            OPP IOT Ceramic RFID Tags are designed to embed into indentations of metallic parts and components. These Compact Ceramic RFID tags achieve best read performance in metallic environments. The housing is made of ceramic, encased with durable black paint and fulfills ingress protection IP 68. Available in 16 sizes from 4 x 4 mm to 30 x 30 mm, OPP IOT Ceramic tags are well suited to tap the benefits of passive RFID for a wide-variety of industrial applications such as IT asset tracking, inventory control, as well as track and trace of small tools and manufacturing equipment.
            CER0404  | CER0505 | CER525 | CER0602 | CER1001 | CER1002 | CER1005 | CER1207
            CER1309 | CER0909 | CER2117 | CER2509 | CER2525 | CER3030 | CERD10 | CERD16

            PCB UHF Metal Tags

            Concrete Embedded RFID Tags
            OPP4601 is a typical RFID tag especially applied to concrete and construction industry, with excellent performance of high temperature, corrosion and impact resistance

            180°C High Temperature RFID Tags
            OPP4600 OPP4014  
            OPP4600 and OPP4014 are High Temperature RFID tags optimized for metal substrates. With a combined ability to survive high temperatures to 180°C and a rugged encapsulation, these tags are ready for deployment in a variety of applications without sacrificing read range performance.

            High Temperature On-Metal RFID Tag
            OPP4215 OPP2019  

            Long reading range rfid tags
            long range industrial rfid tag
            OPP087 OPP130 OPP069
            long range industrail rfid tags    

            10 Years On-metal RFID Tag
            Durable rfid tags Heavy120 can be mounted on metal surface and supply long read range. it is available to Screw, back glue and tie the tags, while enabling read ranges of up to 9.5 meters. The Heavy120 RFID Tags are compliant with EPC global-certified UHF Class 1 Gen 2 (ISO 18000-6C) readers and modules, with broadband capability for international operations.

            UHF Flexible Tag
            OPP9018M OPP9018  

            Anti Acid Alkali On-Metal RFID Tag

            High Temperature FPC UHF Inlay

            UHF Nail Tag
            This NAIL Tag OPPD721 is a unique nail-shaped UHF RFID tag that can easily be hammered into trees and wooden containers. They can be used to tag wood and other solid materials as easily as hitting a nail on the head.

            RFID Screw Tag
            This rugged RFID Screw/Bolt Tag OPPM16 is designed specifically for tagging objects under the most harsh environment. With its full metal jacket, it offers the best protection to the embedded tag. It can be used almost anywhere with no limitation whatsoever, and it is perfectly suitable for the oil and gas industry, as well as for tracking all kinds of outdoor equipments, and is able to resist high temperature and pressure.

            Copyright ? 2017 OPP IOT Technologies Co., LTD., All rights reserved.
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            OPPIOT Technologies Co., Ltd. is a leading trusted Industrial RFID tags manufacturer and supplier in China. Since our establishment in 2013, we have been endeavoring to provide best in class, cost effective and practical RFID solutions to a wide range of industries worldwide.
            We have our own production line for RFID tags with bringing in full set of advanced equipments for R&D

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            * Technology
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            Address:2104 Room SANDI International Finance Centre,249# MingXin
              Street LongQiao,ChengXiang Putian City Fujian, P.R, China
            P.C: 351100
            Tel: (0086)594 2790031
            Fax: (0086)594 2790185
            WhatsApp: +86 180 3034 2267

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